Monday, April 07, 2008

Inventions: Stupid and Risqué

In the technological world, you'd think they've got no place for stupidity or things considered risqué. Usually, it's all about making life easy, where cumbersome tasks are finished in a snap, and creating things and schemes deemed Utopian decades ago.

In a nutshell, it's turning the impossible to a myriad of marvels and infinite possibilities.

Enter Gizmodo, purveyor of everything techno-, but sometimes not logical contraptions. Sure, they talk about iPhones and UMDs and cloud computing most of the time, but occasionally, a few uh, weird inventions trickle in. Take for example these two.

Intelli cool - Airconditioning for the Outdoors

I mean... what the heck? Why would I throw hard-earned cash for something that's downright idiotic? Sure, global warming has turned this country into something like the Death Valley, but there are more ways to alleviate the oppressive heat we're experiencing than burning money for kooky appliances. Cut back on the carbon dioxide emission: take a car pool with officemates, walk rather than drive to a place that isn't 5 miles away from you, and yes, quit smoking. You'd be doing the planet and yourself a ginormous favor.

The next one isn't really cutting edge or unheard of, but it'll tickle your imagination once you hear its name. Ready?

Floral Titi

Nope, it's not a tattooed and varicolored you-know-what but a Shuffle-like MP3 Player. What a name huh? Apparently, it comes in 9 mouth-watering (no pun there) colors and costs less than their distinguished contemporaries. Not actually ludicrous when it comes to its intended purpose, but imagine what happens when it is casually talked about by strangers in public (most especially here in the Philippines): "Hey look at his Titi, it's so cool." "Yeah, I'd love to grab his Titi and play with it all night long." See?

So the next time you feel like you're Thomas Edison or Blaise Pascal, do us all a favor and hire PR campaign managers. =)


Coldman said...

natawa naman ako sa pangalan titi na nga, floral pa. lol

cant_u_read said...

lol @ floral titi.

could titi's get any gayer?

the nomad said...

@coldman: sino kaya nagpangalan dun? baka si mayor atienza. =)

@cant_u_read: lol. i agree. XD