Friday, May 30, 2008

Bring out the popcorn...

In one of my tweets earlier this year, I mentioned that 2008 seemed like a good year for movies. And I was quite correct. Here are a few of them flicks I can't wait to see...

Just because I have a thing for movies that involve complex equations.

Sex and the City
Just because these Manhattan girls crack me up. A fun night this would be.

Made of Honor
Just because I am actually a frustrated neurosurgeon. (Really now?)

Mamma Mia!
Just because Meryl Streep + Comedy/Musical = too good for words

Get Smart
Just because I'm a big fan of Steve Carell. Period.

Meet Dave
Just because Eddie Murphy is comedy personified.

My Sassy Girl
Just because I'm a big sucker for RomComs.

See the common factor? It's any movie that ends with me cackling loudly and clutching my tummy. Well, maybe except for the first one. So, see you at the nearest theater and let's laugh till we drop!


Jericho said...

sarap manood. pramis, mangangarir ako ng pelikula sa banda-banda dyan!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

sex and the city!!!!


the nomad said...

@jericho: enjoy!

@bryan: loved the movie. downloading it via isohunt. =)